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Event Planners
Event Planners 4 Services
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You Choose, We Help To Connect, For Seamless Planning Of Your Dream Event

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1. Vendor Registers

Vendor registers & creates portfolio for free.

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2. Buyer Requests

Creates event project with category, project details & event date.

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3. Seller Quotes

Vendors receive new/upcoming event notifications and bid quotations.

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4. Buyer Hires.

Organizer compares quotations after negotiating further with vendors & hires the preferred vendor.


India's only event platform to bring all event professionals under one roof.

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One Stop Destination

Browse from hundreds of event professionals including planners, venues & other event professionals to select the best at one place.

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Certified Vendors

We verify the vendors and details before listing on our website and provide them space to showcase their good work and receive ratings & feedback on past work.

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Privacy Guaranteed

We do not share any contact details of client/organizer until client shortlists the vendors and so no spams

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Single Portfolio for multiple events

Vendors can create & maintain single portfolio and list under multiple event categories like weddings, corporate events, entertainment events etc.

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Book your favorite event or services.